D.S.O. Etnia

Olfactory Sensorial Device. ETNIA Cosmetics. 2013

D.S.O. (Olfactory Sensorial Device) is a new shopping experience when buying a perfume.
It is a device designed exclusively for the Spanish cosmetics brand ETNIA, with an interactive screen, which allows the user to smell the chosen fragrance whilst simultaneously receiving information and images about the perfume.
The D.S.O. has aluminium capsules containing the 19 fragrances on offer at ETNIA stores.
Users select and introduce a capsule into a marked slot, which is detected by a bar code reader, activating a fan that delivers the aroma of the chosen fragrance.
During this process, an internal processor sends relevant information to the screen where the user can indicate their personal tastes and they can even receive recommendations based on their preferences.
The D.S.O. is unique concept in its market that offers a combined audio-visual and olfactory shopping experience, making the buying process far more reliable, pleasant and efficient.

Concept and design: Lavernia&Cienfuegos.


Development and production: Prodiseño.