Utopick Adviento

Structural and graphic design for advent calendar. Utopick. 2021

Advent calendars have recently arrived to Spain, but they have done so with strength. Companies see in them another possibility to reach their end customers by touching the emotional fibre and offering a pleasant experience. The triangle dominates the entire design of the Utopick calendar, firstly because it is linked to the brand (a little paper boat made of triangles) and secondly because it replicates the shape of a Christmas tree. It comes in a triangular box in which the 24 little boxes are arranged, also triangular, with golden geometric patterns that turn them into Christmas decorations. That’s what they really are, because they are designed to hang on the tree, so that they have more life than usual and a starring presence during the festive season. Inside, delicious pieces of chocolate, designed for the calendar with ad-hoc motifs, await the day marked in their little box.