Vegamar Selección

Identity and wine labels. Bodegas Vegamar. 2013

Wine is grapevine and time. On the one hand, grapes grow and mature slowly. On the other hand, months of winemaking through a delicate craft create a rather unpredictable process. Combining the vine leaf with the passing of time is the idea for the Vegamar Selección identity, which is a specific store designed for tasting and buying select wine, cava, olive oil and other Vegamar products. The vine leaves were picked and photographed as they started to dry out and curl back on themselves, each in their unique way. It is similar to the wine aging process for which there is also a random element and unpredictable beauty. The identity for the store is built around these photos, with a monochrome treatment, and has been applied to the gift packaging, wine, cava and olive oil labels.


2015. Silver. Luxury – Fine Wines, Champagne.