Adolfo Domínguez

Graphic design for gift boxes. Puig. 2020

Perfume gift boxes are a frequently used sales instrument. Together with the perfume, they include supplementary items such as aftershave, body lotion or deodorant with the same scent. It is a means of motivating purchases by employing a dual incentive: the price (which is always better than buying the two products separately) and that of the gift itself. This gift status takes precedence in the design, imposing a set of qualities on the product’s appearance and how it should be perceived. It needs to be suggestive, attractive… as it is envisaged as a gift; it is also intended, moreover, that the box can be kept and reused. The presence of the image of flower conveys delicacy and alludes to the perfume within. The golden strokes accompanying the black and white images and the austerity of the composition provide a touch of distinction, added to by the discreet presence of the brand, distancing it from any promotional intention (the design was made in close cooperation with the client’s marketing team); and the allusion to humility implied by its small size is a sign of confidence in its prestige. This facet is repeated, in another way on the sealing strip, which will supposedly be thrown away once opened, on which the brand name appears in large but incomplete type, subordinated to the discreet elegance required of all good gifts.