El Capricho

Visual identity and packaging. El Capricho. 2020

El Capricho is a famous restaurant specialising in beef. Gourmets from all over Europe, Japan and America make the pilgrimage to Jiménez de Jamuz, a small village in Leon, to savour the incredible experience of having lunch or dinner in this temple to the best meat in the world, carved into the mountains.

The packaging design seeks to combine tradition and innovation, fusing the austerity of traditional materials with a bold graphic design that reflects the unique, powerful and honest image that El Capricho conveys. The use of materials such as handmade cardboard, wood, string and cloth for a gourmet product intends not only to transmit these values of authenticity, terroir and tradition, but also to produce a surprising and unusual consumer experience. The idea of a signature product is expressed through quotes from José Gordón himself, the soul of El Capricho, which speak of a history of generations.