Lola Cruz

Corporate identity for women shoes manufacturer. Navima. 2019

Lola Cruz is the brand of shoes designed by María Jesús Gozalvo, who inherited her knowledge and passion for the world of footwear from her father. They are shoes with a lot of personality that are made for young, independent, cosmopolitan women. The logo seeks to reflect the spirit of the brand and transmit power and style. There are two principles in the world of designer fashion brands that we wanted to respect: first, to make the corporate colour black because, in the field of fashion, colour ranges are part of the collections and vary constantly — black guarantees neutrality and ensures that no problems of coexistence will arise; and secondly, to look for an abbreviated form of the name that can be used on shoes, buckles, belts, bags, as a fastener or as an ornament. For this purpose, we chose the letters L and Z, the first and last letters, the beginning and the end, the two most distinguishing letters in the logo.