Fuego Lento

Graphics for wine label. Bodegas Bocopa. 2016

‘Slow Fire’ or more commonly, ‘Slow Cooked’ is an expression that casts us back to the kitchens of a bygone era. This is a technique that uses a low flame to slowly draw out intense flavours, it conjures up images of smokey coal fires, burning embers and brick walls blackened by soot. This gradual build up of soot has accumulated over time, in other words, the time taken to patiently nurture something to the point of perfection. Therefore this soot has become the centre piece of the project.

These fine black particles have been converted into the main graphical element and are reflected on the labels, the boxes and other supporting media. ‘Slow Fire’ is a way of understanding the essence of both food and life. Never rushed, never stressed. Pleasure and haste don’t go well together.