Graphics for wine label. El Capricho Bodegas Gordón. 2020

The rise of storytelling is a difficult challenge for thousands or even millions of companies that, in all honesty, do not have a great deal to narrate. A delicate situation, and quite the opposite of the one we met with when we became acquainted with El Capricho. It is not that they have a story, rather that they are the epitome of storytelling. Every gram of their products, every square metre of their facilities, every detail of their business has a story behind it: a story linked to the family, to individual efforts, to the dreams and crazy ideas of an ancestor, to the deep knowledge of traditions, to respect for the land, for animals, for nature — the best raw material for the best storytelling. For this reason, when we made the label for this wine, we only needed to listen to what they had to tell us. And we drew a starling with a cherry in its beak. As always, there is a family story behind it, memories that go back three generations and that, in this case, are recounted on the back of the label.