Another Pentaward Gold for 2013, this time for ‘Delhaize Soups’

The brief was to bring to life the principle ingredient, preferably through the use photo-realistic images, with something that adds a touch of good humor before serving. The romantic image of the waiter's hands gives positive connotations of good service and quality. The steady black and white photography helps to visually unify the whole range, which is complimented by use of simple bold typography to balance the design. The size of the ingredients, in colour, have been exaggerated in relation to the plate to emphasise the high natural vegetable content of the soups in comparison to its competitor's. This play on size coupled with the waiter concept adds the touch of humor. Bon appétit!

“Wines of the World” adds LAUS to its awards!

This is a range of wines that Belgian supermarket chain Delhaize offers within its own brand “365”, which includes simple, everyday products at affordable prices.

The cork is a sign of humility, an object of little value, often used as craft material, as a simple and easily manipulated element with which to play and create. The use of cork gives it the air of something simple, typical of an everyday product. The cap is the element that unifies and personalizes the whole range. The motif designed for each label refers to the country of origin.


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The Dieline Awards: new double award

Two of our projects, sun care range 'Solcare' for Mercadona and Labels 'Wines of the World' for Delhaize, have been awarded once again. On this occasion, each have been awarded silver in the Health & Beauty and Wine & Champagne categories respectively at the Dieline Packaging Awards. is the worlds most visited packaging website, which has turned into the into the leading voice for the packaging industry. The Dieline Awards formally recognize the world's best consumer packaging design. The industry expert panel for the 2013 Awards presented 42 awards over 13 categories from a selection of over 1100 projects entered.

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The “2012 National Award for Design” goes to Nacho Lavernia!

This distinction recognises, in part, a long career path spanning many sectors, which started back in the mid 70s. However, it is fair to attribute this accolade to the work undertaken at my current studio, in which my partner, Alberto Cienfuegos, and I have been working together, side by side, for over 15 years. So it is with great pleasure that I accept this award along with Alberto at Lavernia-Cienfuegos.
This is recognition of our work as a team and I would like to share with all who have accompanied us in our professional lives. First and foremost, with our clients, who have given us the opportunity to design their products, their brands, their communication ...
With collaborators and suppliers, who have always been there.
With all that, at one time or another, have worked with me as partners, colleagues or as interns.
Also with friends.
And last but not least, with the whole team at Lavernia-Cienfuegos.
Thank you!
Nacho Lavernia C.


Packaging design awards in FoodBev Awards 2012

The Lavernia & Cienfuegos packaging design for Delhaize Jams have been awarded Best Redesigned Food Brand in the FoodBev Awards 2012.
The Delhaize Belgium private label '365' Wines-of-the-World also received a runners-up mention in the Best Redesigned Drinks Brand category.



Best redesigned food brand – Winner: Delhaize Jams by Lavernia & Cienfuegos Design.

"Own label gets sexier and sexier, so that it’s hard to distinguish from 'brands'. Delhaize Belgium Jam works and stands out because it has the confidence to be simple in a category crowded with heavy imagery."
"The redesign of Delhaize Belgium Jams is to the point, focused, clear, clean, attracting the consumer’s eye by celebrating the core of the product (taste/fruit), making a lot out of a very simple thing. It's become more than just jam. Well done."

Two of our projects each win Gold at Pentawards

Wines of the World and Solcare have both been awarded Gold at the Pentawards 2012, the largest international design awards devoted to packaging design. 

In the 'Beverages' category, Wines of the World is a range of wine labels designed for the Belgium supermarket chain Delhaize in their private label brand "365".

Solcare is a range of sun-care products for the Spanish supermarket retailer Mercadona, awarded in 'Body - Own Brands'.

Gold Pentaward 2012 – Wines of the World

Gold Pentaward 2012 – Solcare